3D Animation, Renderings, Video & XR development in Calgary, Alberta

3D Animation, XR, and Video Assets

We meticulously craft 3D animation and digital media assets to bring to life complex themes, environments, and products for 3D videos,  XR experiences, apps, and websites.


Calgary 3D animation, motion graphics and AV for 3D videos, XR VR AR experiences, apps, and websites
Animation, Rendering, Editing & Compositing for 3D media

3D Animation – XR

3D animation, motion graphics, and AV are a powerful digital medium that we utilize to bring to life complex themes, environments, products, and AV experiences. Our experience with the creation of 3D animation, motion graphics, and AV for multi-media platforms runs the gamut:

  • 3D animation and video production at 4K+ resolution for web, mobile, desktop, touchscreen apps and experiences, large-format installations, games, film & television.
  • Low-poly 3D modelling and animation for interactive experiences, games and simulations for mobile, desktop, and web-based platforms and mediums; XR: VR / AR / MR experiences. 
  • 3D animation and motion graphics for large-scale LCD displays and projections for sporting venues, institutions, and other venues.
  • High-res 3D image renders for marketing collateral, large-scale displays, and other interactive digital media applications.

Science & education, non-profit institutions, real estate development, energy, high-tech, television, and professional sports are just some of the sectors we’ve worked with.

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