21 Oct 2015

Peak Performance with your Business Website

  When the economy retracts, competitors in your industry will often react by slashing their marketing and communications spending. Yet, studies have shown that companies that cut their marketing budget during a recession negatively impact their business’ exposure, profits, and market share during periods of economic recovery. What seems like a logical strategy of cutting back and waiting for the turbulence to end turns out to be not the most beneficial plan for sustaining revenue

9 Feb 2015

Animation and the Future of Communications

There is no doubt that the way that we communicate, whether it is on a personal or business level, is changing at an incredible rate. One does not need to look much further than their own smartphone to see just how connected our lives have become with the online world. As our tools change, so does the way that we communicate with people and the methods that were shown to work a mere 5 years