There is no doubt that the way that we communicate, whether it is on a personal or business level, is changing at an incredible rate. One does not need to look much further than their own smartphone to see just how connected our lives have become with the online world. As our tools change, so does the way that we communicate with people and the methods that were shown to work a mere 5 years ago are quickly losing their impact on a highly interconnected, information hungry, and always–on audience. The use of 3D animation and video is one of the few methods that is not losing its efficacy in this new environment. Animation and video has long been the best medium for visually communicating products and brands, as well as educating and providing pertinent details to an audience in an effective manner. These days there is an abundance of marketing on the web around us that is generally in the format of text and static imagery. It is becoming apparent that, these forms of communication are becoming more and more like a new form of white noise that users are increasingly overlooking without even realizing that they are doing so. 3D Animation Calgary Visualization Communications A 2D / 3D animated video – whether it is a complex product or procedure visualization, environmental animation, 3D architectural visualization, or other form of 3D animation – can drastically improve the effectiveness of your sales and marketing communications and cut through this white noise to deliver an impactful message to the audience you want to reach. Articles and illustrations, while still prevalent and useful in the marketing sphere, often do not convey their messages as effectively and as memorably as animations are able to. If the old adage that “a picture says a thousand words” still holds true, then consider how much can be said with 30 frames per second of high-definition photo-realistic 3D animation or visualization. An animation that is properly scripted, produced in 3D or illustrated, animated, and edited with a voice-over and / or audio can be your most useful communications and sales tool to communicate with clients and stakeholders. We are experts in producing professional animation and video taking it from script, to content production, to final edits.

The usage of animation for marketing communications and sales has been increasing steadily for the last decade and shows no signs of slowing in 2015 and beyond. In fact, animation usage on the web has exploded along with the popularity of content streaming sites like YouTube and Vimeo. According to YouTube’s internal statistics, over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on their platform alone and 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute. Cisco has reported that although global mobile data traffic is about 2.5 exabytes per month, animation and video accounted for an incredible 55% of that traffic in 2014. It has been forecasted that video and animation will account for nearly 75% of all consumer internet traffic as early as 2019. Animation Calgary Visualization Communications With these staggering figures, there is no doubt that anyone who ignores animation and video would be missing out on a great medium to connect with their target audience. Second only to Google, YouTube is the one of the largest video search engines in the world and claims the title of the largest video delivery platform worldwide. Vimeo, while smaller, is another very popular platform but they do not use video advertising. It has more quality content in general due to this lack of advertising and its niche arts community. Both are incredibly useful video platform networks to use as they allow for easy uploading, search ability, and sharing on social media outlets. Beyond that, both YouTube and Vimeo allow for easier engagement by having well-designed user interfaces which simplify video embedding, commenting, and tracking. As our methods of digital communication evolve and a new generation of audiences and consumers come of age, it becomes more apparent that our ways of communicating effectively are shifting from traditional methods to more visually animated and graphically enhanced ones. In order to maintain relevance in this continuously shifting digital ecosystem, marketers are realizing that the usage of animation is a key component to add to the mix of their communications strategies and will assist to carry their brand vision into the future. The world is becoming more interconnected and while a picture still has a lot to say, it is animation and videos that will be the orators of this decade.